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Case Study: FoxTV's "Alert" Achieves High-Rated Debut with Help from GrowSocial

To generate buzz and drive viewership for FoxTV's new TV show "Alert," produced by Jamie Foxx, through targeted Instagram reel campaigns using micro influencers.

To generate buzz and drive viewership for the show. GrowSocial identified 5000 micro influencers with 10-100k followers, who were a good fit for the "Alert" target audience. Out of those 1000 people showed interest in the campaign and 300 people fit the criteria for the campaign. The goal was to have 150 influencers join, and 147 influencers followed the instructions and participated in the campaign.

GrowSocial then created and executed a 2-week Instagram reel campaign featuring these micro influencers promoting the show. The influencers were given creative freedom to come up with engaging and unique content that would resonate with their followers, such as behind-the-scenes footage, character interviews, and sneak peeks of the show.

The Instagram reel campaign, executed by GrowSocial and featuring 147 micro influencers, was a huge success. The show's debut episode, which aired on January 9th, 2023, scored the highest-rated debut of the 2022-2023 season in Live + 3 day ratings. The campaign generated significant buzz and drove viewership for the show, with many viewers tuning in specifically because of the influencer marketing campaign.

The partnership between FoxTV and GrowSocial was a success in driving viewership for the debut of "Alert." Utilizing the reach and influence of micro influencers on Instagram proved to be an effective strategy in generating buzz and driving viewership for the show. The success of this campaign serves as a strong example of the power of influencer marketing in driving ratings and engagement for a new TV show.