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Common Question

Yes, you own the relationships 100%, unlike a lot of agencies who gate-keep the relationships.

Here is an example:

If we reach out to 500 Influencers about 20% will ask us to send your product to them (100 people)

Of these 100 people who receive the product about 30% (30 people) will post at least 2-3 unique content pieces for your brand (you only pay for the people who post)

Of these 30 people around 60-90% (18-27 people) will accept advertising copyright terms.

Since each, Influencer creates around 2.5 content pieces you can expect to get 45-67 unique content pieces you can use for paid ads.

That’s around $60 per content piece. On top of this, you get sales, awareness, and brand ambassadors.

We will explain this during the sales call, please book a call:

Our clients value Content the most, the more UGC we hand over the more ads they can test = the lower the CPA = increased profitability

Secondly, clients value the ambassador and the value they create on a long terms basis.

The third are the sales and awareness that these campaigns can bring.

Since we do Influencer Seeding we send products with a “No strings attached” approach, about 30% of the people that we gift will post.

These 30% are people who like/love your brand and can be turned into brand ambassadors/affiliates with regular content creation.

The sky is the limit!

If you have a mass-market product we can grow your micro-influencer program to thousands of sponsorships per month.

We always start with a lower amount of influencers in the first 3 months, to learn what products, influencers, and content types work the best for your brand.

After this starting phase, we can scale it up.

It takes around 20-30 days from when we start working until the first influencer reviews are published.

There are 2 ways:

a) We give you a list of the addresses of the influencers, you send them the products.

b) (Recommended)
You generate a list of coupon codes. We give each influencer a unique coupon so they can order in your e-commerce store.

The price is unique for each client. It depends mainly on how much time we need to spend on each sponsorship, which varies between different brands.

We always start with a lower amount of influencers in the first 3 months to learn what works the best. After this period we can give you a quote of the price to scale up the sponsorships.

Generally, we charge around 50-250 USD per published sponsorship based on the complexity and volume of sponsorships.

We generally get the influencer to agree on their content being used by the brand. We will send you a report where you can see what you are allowed to do for each influencer. If you have special requests, please let us know.

Around 30-60% of first-time influencers will publish content.

When we sponsor an influencer the 2nd time the rate is higher.

The profit from a successful influencer review can be 100 times the cost of sending

The success rate is based on multiple factors, for example how much the influencers like your products and if/how they are incentivized to publish.

No, there is a big variance. Some will not be profitable, while others will do really well.

The 80/20 rule applies well here, 80% of the profits will come from 20% of the influencers.

We turn the profitable influencers into loyal brand ambassadors so you can sponsor the profitable influencers over and over again.

The biggest value driver is the content these Influencers deliver.

We use a database of 28 million influencers to select the best ones for your brand.