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Case study: Fox TV-series campaign

🎯 Goal:
To find 150 Micro Influencers to promote: Alert missing persons unit created by Jamie Foxx

👥 10-100k followers
⚡️ Active accounts (posted within the last 15 days)
👩 30% Female audience 25-54
🏙 12 major US cities
📱 Post content within 1 hour time frame
🛑 No competing posts 24h prior and after posting date

⏰ Timeline:
2 weeks (during Christmas and New year 2022)

📈 Result:
147 Influencers collaborations in 2 weeks, 99% posted during the 1 hour campaign window.
🚀 The TV show scored the highest-rated debut of 2022-2023 season in Live + 3 day ratings

"Thanks so much for everything you've done to make this come to life. We really could not have done it without your help!"

/Kiara Aguillon